[Mac OS X TeX] Xfig or like tool

Benji Fisher fisherbb at bc.edu
Fri Dec 7 12:40:14 EST 2001

On Friday, December 7, 2001, at 10:24 AM, Jack Skoda wrote:

> Hello MacOS X TeX listers:
>  Brief intro time.  My name is Jack Skoda and I use LaTeX.  I've been 
> hooked
> on TeX and LaTeX since the late 80s.  One of my math professors clued 
> me in
> and I've used LaTeX for my writing needs ever since, even while 
> finishing
> a liberal arts writing degree.  Now I'm on to a MA in history of science
> and technology and I'm wicked happy to using teTeX on my Mac!
>  What do people use for xfig on the mac?  I'm downloading the Fink
> package now but I don't want/need the whole distribution.  I'm just
> looking for something to do illustrations in my thesis...

      If there is a free tool for the Mac that can compete with xfig, I 
too would like to know about it.  I have downloaded fink, XDarwin, and 
xfig, but have not used them much so far.  I did a quick test, exporting 
a little diagram in PDF format and including it in my tex file with the 
graphicx package.  It seems to work well, except for embedded text.

      If you use XDarwin, make sure to start by reading the help file, or 
fiddling with the preferences, so you know how to emulate a three-button 

HTH					--Benji Fisher

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