[Mac OS X TeX] Re: TeX fonts and Illustrator 10

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Dec 26 19:49:45 EST 2001

Ross Moore said:
>What you are asking is essentially impossible.
>PICT does not have the provision to embed fonts within a graphic;
>it can only link to fonts existing on the system.
>So if you want to distribute your images, then you *must* rasterise
>at some point.

But the original statement by Alessio was:
> Maybe I can just state my problem: I produce EPS files with dvips,
> and I want to get from them PICT files (to be used as a preview in
> Tom Kiffe's macdvi). I know how to do this with Photoshop, with
> raster previews, but I'd like to do the same with vector previews,
> and this is why I was considering Illustrator.

_Previews_ 12 years after NeXTstep had Display PostScript, we're still
futzing around with PREVIEWS!!!!

::maniacal laughter::

At my first job here at work, the previous person to work on it
_scanned_ laser printouts of .eps files 'cause they didn't have previews
and that was the only way he knew of to get the preview of the file into

When I showed him how to get a preview into the files using Adobe
Illustrator, I then assured him, ``but that won't be necessary for much
longer 'cause Rhapsody will have Display PostScript''---but of course
'cause Adobe can't keep their promises, we get ``Display PDF'' instead
and the Mac OS up-grade is _years_ late and now riddled with
backwards-compatibility issues.


I'm stealing time from the wife and kids to make sure my e-mail isn't
overflowing the server here at work, so won't say anything beyond that,

I know, I'm repeating myself on this a lot---I'm going to go home now
and finish up my father's Christmas present on my NeXT Cube---maybe
tomorrow I can write something coherent and helpful on this topic.


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