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On Friday, December 21, 2001, "Alessio Guglielmi" 
<Alessio.Guglielmi at Inf.TU-Dresden.DE> wrote:

> I know that there are problems in making Illustrator work with TeX
> Type 1 fonts. I wasn't able to find a solution, though.
> The problem is simply stated, I have working Type 1 Computer Modern
> fonts installed in Mac OS X, they work everywhere else, but
> Illustrator 10 is unable to import EPS files and show the fonts.
> Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Funny, this was the subject of my post a few weeks ago (gotta get a 
searchable archive of this mailing list!):

> Subject: TeXShop and Illustrator 10 (yay!)
> From: "Jacques Distler" <distler at golem.ph.utexas.edu>
> Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 00:03:56 -0600
> Just in case anyone else puzzles over this . . .
> For many years, I've produced figures using my trusty old version (3.2!)
> of Adobe Illustrator.
> One of the features I liked about Textures was that it had an "export to
> Illustrator format" in the DVI previewer. I could typeset formulae in TeX
> and, using this feature, incorporate them as labels in the figures I
> created in Illustrator. (TeX is better at typesetting formulae than I
> would be dragging individual characters around in Illustrator and using CM
> fonts *sure* beat Times-Roman.)
> I finally (and somewhat reluctantly) upgraded myself to the OSX native
> Illustrator 10 (very good academic price, I'll admit) and was casting
> around for a solution to recreate this ability.
> At first, things did not look good. Illustrator barfed when it opened the
> .pdf file created by TeXShop. Font-subsetting (which is what both pdftex
> and dvips+ghostscript are set up to do) was not satisfactory to it, and it
> insisted on converting everything from Computer Modern to Helvetica,
> because the CM fonts could not be found.
> Turns out the solution is to download
>     <http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac-tex/fonts/TeX-Illustrator.sit>
> and install the folder TeX-Illustrator as
>     "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/TeX-Illustrator"
> Illustrator then happily opens PDF files created by TeXShop, and one can
> manipulate the contents at will.
> Jacques
> P.S:
> I have found that, at the end of the day, it is best to convert the
> characters included in the figures from fonts to outlines (some versions
> of ghostscript will barf otherwise), but this can be made to happen
> *automatically* when Illustrator 10 "flattens" its output for export to
> .eps or .pdf.

To this I would only add that the above font collection is missing the 
Cyrillic fonts from the Bluesky/AMS collection. You can get the remaining 
fonts from


and follow the same installation procedure as above.

[An alternate source for the bulk of the Bluesky/AMS fonts is in the same 


These are all the work of Alberto Arabia <arabia at math.jussieu.fr>.]

Jacques Distler
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