[Mac OS X TeX] File Types and Creators

Benji Fisher benji at e-math.AMS.org
Thu Dec 6 12:34:55 EST 2001

Holger Frauenrath wrote:
> Hi.
> Since I opened the editor Pepper once, all (at least a lot) of my files of
> the file type TEXT have the Pepper creator code (they had been previously
> created with Alpha, BBEdit or TeXShop; they have different extensions such
> as .tex, .txt, .html), which just annoys me.
> Apparently, there must be a system-wide preference or something like that
> which defines which app to open files of a certain file type with. Is this
> correct? Can someone point me to where I can readjust this?

     Find the file in Finder, and choose "Show Info" from the File menu.  (If
you are a keyboard junkie, like me, use Cmd-I.)  Choose "Open with
application" from the pull-down list, and there is an option to use your
favorite application for all files having the same extension.

HTH					--Benji Fisher

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