[Mac OS X TeX] Carbonized Alpha text-editor needed!

Jon Guyer jguyer at his.com
Tue Dec 18 16:45:54 EST 2001

At 6:05 PM +0100 12/18/01, Lorenz Szabo wrote:

>Please don't get me wrong: My posting was not intended as a complaint about
>the speed of porting. My question was asked in a friendly &
>technically-interested manner and Mr. Guyer I'm sorry for not knowing how to
>develop software and for not knowing all the technical differences between
>Carbon, Classic, and so on ...

Sorry. You caught me in a cranky mood. I was on the verge of not 
sending that message and should have gone with that instinct.

Alpha's code is very crufty (we've been working for over three years 
to even decipher Pete's code well enough to even release an updated 
OS 8/9 version) and Carbonization is not nearly as trivial as Apple 
would like people to believe. The result of this ordeal will be 
/much/ more solid code in Alpha (both for real Macs and for Carbon), 
but it all takes time.

We appreciate that people are interested and will provide you with a 
spiffy new Alpha as soon as we are able.


   Jonathan E. Guyer

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