[Mac OS X TeX] TEX -> EPDF?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Dec 6 12:18:52 EST 2001

I said:

> > What one wants is for TeXShop.app to provide a Service, ``TeX eq ->
> > EPDF'', so that one could then, within OmniGraffle, type  the desired
> > equation (say \magstep2$1+1=2$), select it, choose the Service and then
> > get in situ the ``epdf''---that's how it works in NeXTstep, and I can't
> > think of a more efficient fashion to get this sort of thing done....

and Nick replied:

> Well, this would definitely be useful and I would use such a feature.
> However, one of the powers of LaTeX comes from piling on the macros... So,
> this would only really work with vanilla equations, UNLESS you had an
> additional service which was "TeX -> EPDF in environment..."  where you
> could specify a file that had the declarations. Even better _still_ would
> be to create an object that could be embedded into graphic apps that would
> allow you to edit the equation in place.

Yes, adding macros / formats would be a good thing. My math is pretty
limited though, so I've not experimented with that sort of thing---I'm
sure the worst case scenario in NeXTstep would be one'd have to build a
(default) format using initex with the macros / environment on wanted
active, or just include an input instruction at the beginning of the eq

Altys Virtuoso won't replace a text object with a graphic when using
such a Service with selected text, so what I do there is have a separate
layer ``Equation-source'' which I send to the background and refer to as
necessary, so that's not been an issue for me---worst case here would be
to clone the text before activating the Service for drawing / layout
programs. Word processors / text editors would kinda be SOL.....

Ideally, I guess one'd want to tag the .pdf, or use an XML-based or
other taggable graphic format (SVG, maybe PNG) which would allow one to
store the source and refer back to it later.


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