[Mac OS X TeX] TEX -> EPDF?

Nick Matsakis matsakis at mit.edu
Thu Dec 6 15:19:20 EST 2001

I'm only getthing the digest version of this list, so I'm sorry if this
has been addressed somehow.  Ross Moore's solution works very well for
what I wanted to do.  I've distilled it down a bit more and made it into
the resulting LaTeX macro, which works fine with pdflatex, as far as I can
tell.  Furthermore, the PDF it produces is "transparent" in the
background, which means that I can bring the equations into Omnigraffle
and put them in colored boxes!

So far, it only seems to work right the first time it is called, and I
can't figure out why.  This is ok because I really want one equation per
file, since Omnigraffle (and presumably most graphics programs) can only
embed the first page.

Now, does anyone know how to get the \pdfinfo command to work properly?  I
think it would be _really cool_ if the PDF subject was the original tex
for the equation.


Nick Matsakis


% Note, the argument to this macro requires latex that can be formatted in
% a horizontal box.  Thus, no "displaymath". If you want display style
% math, write your argument like "$\displaystyle 1 + 1 = 2$"
  \pdfinfo{/Subject (#1)}
  \setbox0=\vbox{\kern -1truein
     \hbox{\kern -1truein #1 \kern 1truein}%

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