[Mac OS X TeX] TEX -> EPDF?

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Dec 6 15:54:20 EST 2001

> If you have ConTeXt installed, having equations in a separate small 
> cropped pdf is as simple as ConTeXt-ing the following [TeXShop has 
> support for ConTeXt]:
> \starttext
> 	\startTEXpage[scale=3000,offset=5pt]
> 		$ x^2 + \sum_{i=4}^{n}i $
> 	\stopTEXpage
> \stoptext
> ConTeXt does many other awesome things [especially with MetaPost]. It 
> is a very well organized, powerful [free] package for professional 
> typesetting, that continues to grow. ConTeXt is expecially integrated 
> with pdf's, from presentations to regular screen/printed documents...

Yes, I have also seen impressive results form ConTeXt, that is why I 
have added it as a format to be created by default to my teTeX 
distribution. However, I haven't found a good tutorial for its use, for 
example, how do you process that piece you type above? It is not like 
other tex stuff, where you load a format, say

pdfetex &cont-uk foo.tex

because that just writes a dvi file.


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