[Mac OS X TeX] TEX -> EPDF?

Arun Mangalam arun_mangalam at mac.com
Fri Dec 7 09:48:05 EST 2001

Sorry for my late reply.

There are a lot of manuals at their website. Unfortunately their website 
is down. They do have an updated website at


As for the correct command, try

	texexec --pdf <texfilename>

Omitting the "--pdf" outputs a dvi file. This works if you have ConTeXt 
set up and working. Of course, much easier thing to do is use the 
ConTeXt button in TeXShop to typeset my simple example. If the setup is 
correct, you should get a pdf. The TeXShop preview shows a whole page, 
but if you look at the pdf in Preview.app you'll see it's nicely cropped.

Also, I can't remember where at the moment, but there is a Latex -> 
ConTeXt tutorial on the web. I think Google will find it.

- Arun

On Thursday, December 6, 2001, at 03:54 PM, Gerben Wierda wrote:

>> If you have ConTeXt installed, having equations in a separate small 
>> cropped pdf is as simple as ConTeXt-ing the following [TeXShop has 
>> support for ConTeXt]:
>> \starttext
>> 	\startTEXpage[scale=3000,offset=5pt]
>> 		$ x^2 + \sum_{i=4}^{n}i $
>> 	\stopTEXpage
>> \stoptext
>> ConTeXt does many other awesome things [especially with MetaPost]. It 
>> is a very well organized, powerful [free] package for professional 
>> typesetting, that continues to grow. ConTeXt is expecially integrated 
>> with pdf's, from presentations to regular screen/printed documents...
> Yes, I have also seen impressive results form ConTeXt, that is why I 
> have added it as a format to be created by default to my teTeX 
> distribution. However, I haven't found a good tutorial for its use, for 
> example, how do you process that piece you type above? It is not like 
> other tex stuff, where you load a format, say
> pdfetex &cont-uk foo.tex
> because that just writes a dvi file.

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