Retry: [Mac OS X TeX] Hack release: TEX -> PDF Service

Gerben Wierda sherlock at
Sun Dec 16 15:29:56 EST 2001

OK. I should have guessed that the frameworks were missing. The app was 
too small anyway fo r anything that was linked against it. My apologies 
it was lack of knowledge on my side. I thought there was partly static 
linking going on but there wasn't.

I uploaded a new version, please try again:

On the dmg you'll find the app again and two frameworks. The frameworks 
must be copied over to /Library/Frameworks which must be created if it 
does not exist yet.


It seems that if you use it the first tiem in an app the cmd shortcut 
Cmd-\ does not work, but the menu works. After the first time, the Cmd-\ 
shortcut works

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