Retry: [Mac OS X TeX] Hack release: TEX -> PDF Service

B. Farwer farwer at
Sun Dec 16 16:40:26 EST 2001

Great, now it works flawlessly. Thanks a lot Gerben, this will ease 
things for me considerably!!!

> It seems that if you use it the first tiem in an app the cmd shortcut 
> Cmd-\ does not work, but the menu works. After the first time, the 
> Cmd-\ shortcut works

This is a problem that exists with other services as well. For example 
the keyboard shortcut for WordLookup has to be activated by selecting 
the service from the menu once. After that the shortcut works ... seems 
to be another bug in OS X.


Berndt Farwer
(farwer at
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