[Mac OS X TeX] Re: MacOSX-TeX Digest #31 - 06/11/01

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Jun 11 21:40:58 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>>On 6/11/2001 at 9:17 PM -0400, Christian Smith wrote:
>>No, nor will it ever likely support syntax coloring. This is a feature
>>reserved for the full version of BBEdit.
>I am glad that it is only in the full version -- I like getting 
>features for my money. :-)
>I am very happy to see that someone from Bare Bones is reading this 
>list and I would like to see you comment on this idea of collapsible 
>outlines or sections in BBEdit. If I understand this correctly, it 
>would work much like sections work in Mathematica in which you can 
>collapse a section or subsection into just its heading by 
>double-clicking a appropriate cell bracket. Is this correct? If so, 
>I would love to see this in BBEdit (I would also love to see it work 
>with TeXShop, but that is another story).
>Best regards,
>    Gary L. Gray
>    Associate Professor
>    Engineering Science & Mechanics
>    Penn State University
>    (814) 863-1778
>    http://www.esm.psu.edu/Faculty/Gray/

This would be great. It would seem with the way LaTeX enviroments 
work you  could just treat every \begin and \end as a marker defining 
a section.

I would also like a bit more syntax colouring like
colouring the $ signs.  But then I am an Alpha exile !

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