[Mac OS X TeX] Updated CMacTeX for OS X

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Mon May 7 10:25:32 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>>I have completely revamped my CMacTeX distribution for OS X. The original beta
>release was intended for users who already had my programs installed in Mac OS
>8 or 9 and wanted Carbon versions of the programs for OS X. Anyone who had
>installed TeXShop and teTeX on OS X faced a formidable task of trying to
>install CMacTeX in OS 9 before even attempting to run it in OS X.
>The new CMacTeX uses the texmf tree from teTeX, so the distribution of
>CMacTeX for OS X is now only one archive file about 7 MB in size. All of
>the TeX support files needed by CMacTeX are included in a local texmf
>folder. The actual installation is quite simple.
>CMacTeX is designed to work with BBEdit 6.1, Acrobat Reader 5.0,
>and MacGhostView, a Postscript viewer for OS X which does not use the
>X Window System. Macdvi is a dvi viewer which can be used with teTeX
>for viewing dvi files. If a dvi file has been generated with the scrltx
>package, an option-click in a paragraph in a displayed page generates
>an Apple Event which is sent to BBEdit, asking it to open the appropriate
>source at the designated paragraph. CMacTeX includes the latest 
>releases of dvips (5.86d) and pdftex (0.14h), both of which handle 
>partial font embedding much better than earlier releases.
>To download this update, go to the OS X section of the CMacTeX Home Page
>at http://www.kiffe.com/cmactex.html. The download page contains complete
>installation instructions. Be sure to download the CMacTeX User's Guide as
>well. The MacGhostView Home Page is http://www.kiffe.com/macghostview.html.
>Tom Kiffe

Ah this sounds good.  Is it possible to have a second texmf folder ? Following
instructions from Dick Koch I modified my


so it said

TEXMF = {~/Library/texmf,!!$TEXMFMAIN}

This way I can keep my own things in my own directory
and leave the teTeX installation `clean' (besides the change
to texmf.cnf of course).

Is there a way of making CMacTeX look at both the
main teTeX texmf and my own one?

Thanks - Michael

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