[Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX finding some fonts, not others

Karl Rubin rubin at math.Stanford.EDU
Wed May 9 20:21:09 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>I am a long-time OzTeX user, now trying out both TeXShop and CMacTeX.
I installed CMacTeX and everything seems to work great except:

1.  pdftex doesn't find my xypic type 1 fonts.  It finds all the
bluesky fonts, which are in a nearby branch of my texmf tree.  The
fonts are there, and all the permissions seem to be right.  Both
TeXShop and the command-line pdflatex (with the same LaTeX file)
*do* find the xypic fonts.

When I ask CMacTeX's "setup" to dump the paths to a file, I find
the necessary path listed:


Any suggestions?

2.  A related problem, which would be irrelevant if it could find
the fonts: it tries to make the pk fonts at 600dpi, since that's
the default in the pdftex.cfg, so it sends:

   MakeTeXPK xydash10 600 600 magstep(0.0) CanonCX

to maketexpk, which acknowledges the correct command but answers with

   Output written on xydash10.300gf (128 characters, 6464 bytes).

(note the "300").  Then it calls gftopk, which complains

   fatal: File `/OSX/Users/rubin/test/xydash10.600gf' not found

I'm more interested in the answer to the first question.  Thanks for
any help.

Karl Rubin

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