[Mac OS X TeX] Installing Type 1 fonts for all Carbon apps

Arthur Ogawa ogawa at teleport.com
Wed May 2 12:18:40 EDT 2001

I have fonts in LWFN (Classic Mac OS) format, which I would like to
install at the system level under Mac OS X. The installed font should be
available to all Coacoa and Carbon applications, particularly Preview.
(I am _not_ concerned with apps running in Classic.)

1. Does Mac OS X support, as NeXTStep did, PostScript fonts in some
format, such as PFA? Is it still necessary, as it was under NeXTStep, to
convert to PFA format?

2. I see /Library/Fonts and /System/Library/Fonts, where there are a
number of Classic suitcases and *.dfont files. Is the former where my
PostScript fonts should now go? (Yes, I understand that the latter
location is not a good place for me to install software.)

3. Where is the .dfont file format documented?

4. Are there tools out there that would facilitate the process of
conversion and installation? (Yes, I am aware of Y&Y's Font Manipulation
tools and the t1utils. However, merely making my Type 1 fonts accessible
to tex applications is not enough for me; they have to be available to
Cocoa apps as well.)

5. Is there a more appropriate forum for these sorts of questions?

For the record, I am a Mac OS X wanabe, but I would rather avoid the
Blue Box entirely, so I am presently booting 9.1 and running Textures.
If that makes sense.

Arthur Ogawa

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