[Mac OS X TeX] source specials?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Wed May 2 11:20:42 EDT 2001

Macdvi 2.5 relies on the scrltx package from CTAN. This package inserts
a special into the dvi at the beginning of each paragraph and math mode.
An option-click in the dvi file takes you to the approximate location
in your source file. Macdvi sends an Apple Event to a supported editor,
asking the editor to open the source file at the requested line. The
Apple Event actually sent depends on the editor. So far it works with
BBEdit in Classis and OS X and with Alpha in Classic.

Tom Kiffe

>>There is a beta version of macdvi 2.5 included with Carbon CMacTeX which implements this on OS X with BBEdit 6.1. See the "Recent Changes" section
>>of the CMacTeX Web Page (http://www.kiffe.com/cmactex.html).
>Thanks.  Based just on a reading of the reference you provided, it seems
>that this feature isn't as powerful as what TeXtures can do---find not just
>the corresponding line, but even (usually) the corresponding character,
>in both directions.  Or am I wrong?  Does it work with the same (or a similar) suite of Appleevents as the TeXtures-BBedit interface?  I'd like to know, since I wrote an editor myself which implements this feature which (naturally) I much prefer to BBedit.  (It's much closer to emacs.)
>>>Are there any implementations of TeX which match TeXtures' superb implementation of
>>>"source specials", which enable one to coordinate the location in the typeset file with the location in the source file (preferably in an extenal editor which can be chosen at will)?

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