[Mac OS X TeX] eps and pdftex

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Wed May 9 00:48:26 EDT 2001

>A simple question: how do you make all the TeX Type1 Postscript fonts that
>come with CMacTeX 3.7 under Mac OS 9 available to ps2pdf, and presumably
>ghostscript as well? 

You have to add an entry for each one tp FontMap.GS and place (or symlink) the fonts in ghostscript's font folder. The fonts must be in pfb format.

>If I use Acrobat 4.0 under Mac OS 9, which is aware of
>all the TeX Type 1 postscript fonts, as the ps2pdf processor, called by
>epstopdf, it appears to make the bounding boxes of Illustrator EPS files a
>little smaller than they should be, when converting to PDF? 

I've never used Illustrator. Are you sure the problem lies in the pdf graphics
and not in the way pdftex is including them? If someone can send me a sample
eps I can see what happens with the latest pdftex.

>Also the only
>way epstopdf appears to work is by dropping the .eps file on the
>application, the menu and dialog box method appears to go through the
>correct motions, but never actually calls whatever ps2pdf converter is

It's a feature, not a bug. I recently changed some parts of epstopdf so
that a user could drop multiple eps files onto it and epstopdf would
convert each one in turn. I forgot to reactivate some code in the program
so that the Menus don't work. Since I always activate epstopdf by dropping
eps files onto it I never noticed that the menus didn't work. I will fix
it soon.

>Basically I just want to be able to correctly convert Illustrator
>EPS files containing references or even embedded subsets of TeX Type 1
>Postscript fonts into correctly structured PDF files having the correct
>bounding box with the necessary subsets of TeX Type1 fonts embedded with the
>correct encoding:-)

I may be completely wrong here, but it is my understanding that eps files
should not contain fonts. It is the job of dvips and pdftex to read the
eps or pdf file and supply the fonts itself.

--Tom Kiffe

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