[Mac OS X TeX] more troubles with pdf.

James Owen jhgowen at mac.com
Mon May 14 04:58:14 EDT 2001

Having persuaded RevTeX to allow pdfs files to be inserted, I am now 
faced with the problem that it only inserts the preview, which for some 
reason is a whole page in size, instead of the small cropped figures I 
am trying to use.
I trimmed them in Acrobat, and then saved, but unfortunately that didn't 
help. I think OS X automatically assigns previews to pdf files, which 
are a whole sheet, not the cropped file. I noticed that if I opened them 
in Acrobat, they came out cropped the way I saved them, whereas if I 
double-clicked on them, they opened in Acrobat still, but without the 
cropping. I also tried deleting the previews using Acrobat, but 
identical ones came back again.
When I print, I get a shrunken figure inside a page of white, or else, a 
figure on one page, with the caption on the next, Neither is 
Maybe because I am using Classic Acrobat and Carbon Acrobat Reader?


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