[Mac OS X TeX] emacs and tex

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Sun May 13 09:07:38 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>>For all of you who never used emacs/xemacs to edit tex files, here's a
>short summary of what it can do for you, and why many people like this
>combination so much. There is an advanced tex editing mode for emacs
>called auc-tex. Im always referring to this mode.
>For all those implementing tex systems on the Mac, there are probably a
>few things which would be great to incorporate into your editors ...

>- auc-tex works in conjunction with emacs' outline mode, where it will
>parse your tex-files for \chapter, \section, etc. commands and then let
>you collapse and expand these much like outline mode in M$ Word does.

Very nice. Alpha  will scan the file and assemble
a list of all section and sub section headings in a drop down menu.
TeXShop will build a list of tags you put in in the form %:this is a tag.

>- auc-tex can handle sources consisting of multiple input files by reading
>\input commands


>- it will parse your input for \cite, \ref, \label and the like and will
>autocomplete the labels for you whe you want to enter one. You must enter
>only the beginning of a citation key, hit tab, and it will show you all
>matches from your .bib files. It will let you customize the commands for
>this, so that you can add further citation forms, e.g. \citeN.

This would be very nice.  I have often used Alpha's split mode to keep
a small window at the bottom of the file which I can use to
scroll through my bibliography.

>- You can customize the behaviour of auc-tex by writing commands in the
>form of tex-comments (lines beginning with %), for example to write a list
>of words to be ignored by the spell-checker
>Some of these are really unique features I haven't seen in any other tex
>implementation. What is also very nice under Unix/X11 is that xdvi will
>call gs (ghostscript) to automatically show all postscript figures in the
>preview. This could of course also be done under MacOS X (Tom, ... ?). And
>you can use Makefiles ...

You could of course put XFree86 on your mac, then the full teTeX distribution,
emacs and presumably auc !

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