[Mac OS X TeX] Lucida Bright Fonts - success

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Thu May 3 10:40:38 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>Thanks to Tom and Lawrence I now have Lucida Bright fonts working
with TeXShop.  In case anyone else needs to do this the steps

(a) Use the conversion tool that comes with CMacTeX as Tom suggested.

>CMacTeX contains a Carbon t1utils program and an accompanying Apple Script
>called lwfn2pfb. Just drop your Macintosh Printer Fonts onto the Apple
>Script and it will convert all of them to pfb format.

Note:  This script should convert a lot of fonts if you select them all
and then drop them on it (after saving it as read-only MacOS X applet).
It wouldn't do this for me.  The problem seemed to be the lines in the
script telling it to delete the .pfa file produced along the way
wouldn't work (the script complained it couldn't find the files)
and that stalled the repeat in the script. I commented
out those line (put -- in front of them) with the script editor
and then the script ran fine.  I got lots of spare .pfa files but who

(b) change the names - the names teTeX wants are things like lbri.pfb.
The exact name change required can be deduced from the  OzTeX 'Add 
Lucida Fonts'
config file.

(c) Create a directory somewhere called yandy and put in it directories and
fonts according to the structure of


Thanks to Lawrence for pointing this out.

(d) Now launch terminal and do

cd  /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/fonts

sudo tcsh

You want to now type `cp -r <path to yand y folder> type1'  so it
recursively copies the yandy folder and all its contents into the
type1 directory.  The simplest way I know of to do this is to
type cp -r and then get the yandy directory and drag it onto
the terminal window.  The path to the yandy directory should be
written in, type type1 and hit return

(e) while still root do `texhash'

(f) exit from root !!!!!!

It worked fine for me after that and best of all it does the
ff ligature properly - dif erential geometers rejoice !

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