[Mac OS X TeX] A simple question and a comment

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Thu May 3 14:55:55 EDT 2001

1) What is the MIME type and creator and type codes for .dmg files? I am trying
to configure IE on OS X to download TeXShop.dmg correctly. All I get right
now is a SimpleText document.

The default installation of teTeX places the teTeX folder in /usr/local/teTeX.
I placed the teTeX folder in /Local/Library and then did a symlink from
/Local/Library/teTeX to /usr/local/teTeX. This allows me to access the
texmf tree from the Finder and I can easy modify any files in this tree with
BBEdit 6.1. In addition I can use the teTeX texmf tree with CMacTeX and do not
need a separate separate texmf tree for CMacTeX, saving about 40 MB of disk space.
TeXShop works correctly and I can run teTeX by itself from a Terminal.

If any one is interested I can post the details of what I did and show you how
to compile and install teTeX from the sources on CTAN. Since pdftex is still
in development and is being updated regularly it is important to have the latest version of pdftex, which means building it yourself from the sources. The latest
version of pdftex dates from 4/17. I don't know which version of pdftex is
included in the teTeX distribution from TeXShop.

Tom Kiffe

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