[Mac OS X TeX] A simple question and a comment

James Owen jhgowen at mac.com
Mon May 7 20:09:56 EDT 2001

Dear Paul,

If you change the keyboard to English, then the keymapping is the same 
as an English keyboard, but the characters on the keys are of course 
japanese. If you mean you want to keep the Japanese mapping, then I 
don't know. The little flag at the RH end of the menu tells you what 
keyboard you're using.
The backslash (\) is the right hand key of the asdfg row, next to return 
(this on a B/W G3 Japanese keyboard) and then forward slash (/) is just 
above the RH option key.

I was having trouble getting ps files to appear properly in TeX Shop. 
What is the correct include command for  a PRB template?


P.S. Have you tried Xwindows yet? I am checking the Web until it gets to 
a sufficiently easy procedure to install.

On Saturday, May 5, 2001, at 05:57 PM, Paul Fons wrote:

> Sorry for the change of pace, but I have a rather different question to 
> ask: namely I am running OS X with a JIS (Japanese standard keyboard) 
> and find that I cannot input a backslash character but for copy and 
> paste (a significantly less than idea situation). Does anyone out there 
> have any idea of how to get Mac OS X with a JIS keyboard to input a 
> backslash character into texshop?  Thanks for any help in advance.  
> paul at etl.go.jp
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