[Mac OS X TeX] Anyone _use_ OS X TeX for productivity?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Mon May 14 21:04:08 EDT 2001

"Bruno Voisin wrote"
>Finally I am a Lucida fonts devotee, and I miss them under OS X. I'd rather avoid the Unix-style installation suggested by Tom Kiffe, though I agree it works; I still belong to "the rest of us", and it seems to me that the procedure advocated by Art Ogawa would be much more "Mac": having the fonts in Mac format reside in ~/Library/Fonts or /System/Library/Fonts. But I agree from previous experience with Textures and OzTeX that a working Lucida installation means an awful lot of work!

You can use the Macintosh Postscript versions of the Lucida and MathTime fonts
with CMacTeX's pdftex and dvips programs without having to convert any files.
Create a new folder called "lucida" in texmflocal/fonts/type1 and copy
your Lucida Postscript fonts to this folder. Launch setup and, from the Paths Menu, run the commands "Reset paths to default settings", "Expand all paths", and "Build search databases." Quit setup and any other CMacTeX program. With an editor open texmflocal/dvips/config/config.ps and make sure that is has the line

p +lucida-lwfn.map

Open texmflocal/pdftex/config/pdftex.cfg and make sure that is has the line

map +lucida-lwfn.map

The names of these files may have changed, so check all of the lucida map files
and choose the one which doesn't have .pfb extensions on all the font names.
All of the other files you need for the Lucida fonts should be included in
teTeX's texmf tree.

--Tom Kiffe

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