[Mac OS X TeX] Anyone _use_ OS X TeX for productivity?

Paolo Ghirardato paolo at hss.caltech.edu
Mon May 14 16:51:39 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>Dick Koch wrote:

>	3) TeXShop saves output in Unix style because the teTeX programs expect
>	that style. For instance, Bibtex fails when Macintosh line 
>feeds are present.
>	We want TeXShop to work with standard teTeX without modifying 
>these programs
>	so users can upgrade to the latest versions at any time.

I understand. However, can I add to the wish list an option in the 
"Save as" window to save in Mac style? (Right now I open a terminal 
and use tr to modify the file. Is there a better way to do it? BBEdit 
doesn't seem to recognize the Unix LFs, and gives me boxes instead.)
This would make my life much easier when dealing with non-Unix 
coauthors (unfortunately the majority in my case).
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