[Mac OS X TeX] TexShop crashing OS X

Paolo Ghirardato paolo at hss.caltech.edu
Mon May 14 21:29:39 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>Fredrik Wallenberg wrote:

>I plan to submit this as a bugreport to Apple as well, but thought I 
>should run it by the people on this list to see if anyone else have 
>seen anything similar.
>On numerous occasions I've been clicking the "Previous" button in 
>the preview window and have had OS X blow up on me completely. What 
>do I mean by that? All three times this has happened since 
>yesterday, I've been dumped to a solid blue screen. The first time 
>the OS came right back up, including logging me back in and starting 
>up the Finder and classic. The second time I had to press the reset 
>button. The third time I was immediately dumped to the log-in screen.
>I believe that I, in each case, was browsing the preview (.pdf) 
>window AFTER I had made some changes to the original TEX document, 
>but WITHOUT having run Latex again. While I think I clicked 
>"previous" in each case, it is possible that one of them happened 
>after I clicked "next".
>So far I've been unable to reproduce, but am working on it. If 
>anyone has some input, it would be greatly appreciated to allow me 
>to submit a more useful bugreport to Apple (even if this is a 
>TexShop bug, it shouldn't be able to crash OS X).

I have had similar experiences with pdf files, not in TeXShop's 
preview window, but directly with OS X's Preview application. Some -- 
luckily few -- pdf files (I can send you one if you care to try) 
manage to crash OS X (on both my machines) exactly in the manner you 
  In my case this happens when I print: I get the usual print dialog 
box, and when I click print, the "preparing..." dialog appears. Then, 
differently from what happens when everything goes well,  Print 
center does not start, Preview closes, the screen goes blue and the 
system reboots as if I had just logged in.
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