[Mac OS X TeX] TexShop crashing OS X

Oliver Hardt hardt at u.arizona.edu
Mon May 14 21:34:29 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>I have encountered the same problem numerous times, and it is 
associated with clicking the previous button.  However, the behavior 
appears not to be predictable.  Finally, I became reluctant to use 
TeXShop at all and decided to try out CMacTeX, which so far has been 
stable.  Olli.

At 6:01 PM -0700 on 5/14/01, Fredrik Wallenberg wrote:
>On numerous occasions I've been clicking the "Previous" button in 
>the preview window and have had OS X blow up on me completely. What 
>do I mean by that? All three times this has happened since 
>yesterday, I've been dumped to a solid blue screen. The first time 
>the OS came right back up, including logging me back in and starting 
>up the Finder and classic. The second time I had to press the reset 
>button. The third time I was immediately dumped to the log-in screen.

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