[Mac OS X TeX] Some graphics questions

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Nov 30 10:47:46 EST 2001

At 2:34 PM -0500 11/29/01, Charles Bouldin wrote:
>How are people on this list producing graphics [*.eps files] that 
>give a good preview and are portable across platforms?

I've been under the (possibly incorrect) impression that different 
platforms use different forms of EPS previews, making truly 
cross-platform EPS files impossible.

A lot of people I deal with use Microsoft Word or Microsoft 
PowerPoint.  If they want one of my figures, I convert it to EPS and 
use Canvas 8 to create a preview.  I import that into a Word or 
PowerPoint document for them and send it on.  The default preview 
that Canvas 8 creates has a fairly low resolution, but it's been good 
enough so far.  I haven't had any complaints from PC users about my 
previews, yet.

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