[Mac OS X TeX] Request [...] cm-super

Jerome Laurens Jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Nov 29 09:49:46 EST 2001

> BTW, I just noticed something strange (but maybe it was already there
> before): \"o displays properly on screen but prints badly. This happens
> only with Computer Modern and pdfTeX; it vanishes with Lucida fonts, or
> TeX + GhostScript (or both). It's not specific to LaTeX and happens also
> with plain TeX. I noticed it when writing G\"ortler: printing with
> Computer Modern yields `or' displaced to the right with respect to the
> umlaut, and superposed approximately on `t'. If I replace \"o with \"u
> then again the problem vanishes.

I bet the problem does not exist with cm-super
Is there anyone here using cm-super fonts?


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