[Mac OS X TeX] LyX, T1

Jari Lehtonen jari at utu.fi
Tue Nov 20 17:01:19 EST 2001

<x-flowed>On tiistai 20. marraskuu 2001 11:45 -0500 Alexandre Enkerli 
<aenkerli at indiana.edu> wrote:

> document is using "F16" Type 3 fonts. Doesn't this mean that the T1 fonts
> are available under X but not on the Mac OS X side? Isn't there an
> obvious way to fix this?

It only means that the PDF does not contain scalable versions of Computer 
Modern fonts. If you want to use Computer Modern font, put the following 
three lines into the document preamble:


Another possibility is to use a Type 1 Postscript font like Times or 
Palatino. This can be done by including a line


for Times or


for Palatino.


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