[Mac OS X TeX] next TeXShop (2.0?) proposal: beta testers will be needed

Ullrich Steiner u.steiner at chem.rug.nl
Fri Nov 16 03:27:26 EST 2001

> - for those textures fans (like me),last year i proposed to Richard Koch
> a clone implementation of textures macro menu but TeXShop was facing
> much more important problems and this was dropped down. If i find where
> i have saved the code...

this can be done to some extent already now:  use the Template feature.  
Just create a file with the LaTeX commands you want to include and save 
it in the Library/TeXShop/Templates directory of you home directory.

In this context a couple items for the wish-list:

1.    "placeholder token" into these Templates files.  When a text in 
the document is selected and a template is chosen, the selected text is 
put in the place of the placeholder

2. Separators and hierarchical menus to avoid the clutter that I have in 
the template menu.

3. Keyboard shortcuts for the Templates.

Another suggestion concerns the Tags:  provide an option in the 
preferences that Tags are defines automatically:  all \label statements 
should serve also as TexShop Tags.  That would allow you to get back to 
all section headings, figures and equations and this is what I usually 


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