[Mac OS X TeX] next TeXShop (2.0?) proposal: beta testerswill be needed

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 15 12:32:34 EST 2001

<x-flowed iso-8859-1>At 6:08 PM +0100 11/15/01, Cyrill Rüttimann wrote:
>>- for those textures fans (like me),last year i proposed to Richard Koch
>>a clone implementation of textures macro menu but TeXShop was facing
>>much more important problems and this was dropped down. If i find where
>>i have saved the code...
>That would be a great pleasure, because I do not want to store all
>code in my mind ... this textures feature is very handy!

I believe this functionality is in Autocompleter, which works great
with TeXShop.
<http://www.catchysoftware.com/products/autocompleter/>  It doesn't
give you a menu, it simply let's you type something like FIGURE in
order to insert your skeleton code for a new figure.  It can run
AppleScripts and do other neat stuff...

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