[Mac OS X TeX] Font question

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 5 05:03:25 EST 2001

<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Le 4/11/01 à 23:44 +0100 Cyrill Rüttimann a écrit :
>Dear all,
>I have now found a receipe to install ps1 fonts to LaTeX. They are 
>talking about *.pfb files. Am I right, that these files are simply 
>the ps1 fonts in the fonts folder of MacOS? I downloaded a font from 
>ITC and they include the .afm and the ps1 file, so I thought that 
>this ps1 file is the .pfb file others are talking about. Do I get 
>this file extension on UNIX and Windows?
>I am not sure, because I can vi those *.pfb in the teTeX 
>distribution and the ps1 fonts out of my fonts folder of MacOS I can 
>not edit with vi.

Mac ps1 fonts (like in the font folder) and unix/win .pfb fonts 
contains the same information, but in case of mac fonts this 
information stays in the resource fork of the file. what you say is 
that vi is not able to open the resource fork... tetex needs fonts in 
pfb format (not mac format).

In CMacTeX, there is a t1utils bianry that converts a mac font into pfb format.
One says me that by zipping the mac font on a mac, and unzipping it 
on win/unix, you can obtain the font in pfb format... (I never test 

If you want to use your font with tex, you have to build the tfm file 
anyway... (fontinst do it from the afm file, you may also use 
afmtotfm, but it is more tricky).

Michel Bovani

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