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Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sat Nov 3 06:26:54 EST 2001

<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Le 2/11/01 à 14:51 -0800 V. Vatsal a écrit :
>I had similar problems with Adobe Garamond and its expert friends.
>The virtual fonts were set up with fontinst.

>TeXShop doesn't display or print the numeral 1 at the bottom of the 
>page. Acrobat does both things fine.

I have not this problem (with the same Adobe Garamond fonts)... What 
kind of digits did you use (lining or oldstyle) for your page numbers?

>I wonder if it's an encoding problem -- looking at the font info in 
>Acrobat shows that Garamond Regular is cusom encoded, while the 
>Expert one shows the encoding as "built in."

That's normal I presume: in your map standard font is 8r reencoded, 
not expert font.

>But since Acrobat handles the file fine, I wonder if it might not be 
>a question of Quartz not being happy with certain encodings? Display 
>problems with ligatures would go along with this hypothesis.

For ligatures problems, one could try
\pdfmovechars = 1 or \pdfmovechars = 2 in the preamble

Not sure it works, but if yes, may be better to have
move_chars = 1 or movechars = 2 in pdftex.cfg.

Michel Bovani

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