[Mac OS X TeX] Officina font

Cyrill RŸttimann ruettimac at dplanet.ch
Sat Nov 3 05:10:40 EST 2001

On Freitag, November 2, 2001, at 07:32  Uhr, William Adams wrote:

> Do you mean ``hell  re''? (with the ``fi'' ligature missing?)

It is exactly that behaviour ...

> How'd you install the font?

I encountered that problem with TeXtures, so I just dropped the font 
into the fonts folder. Now I am switching to TeXShop and things are more 
complicated to handle - but more power for you with all those tools.

> Did you build a virtual font using FontInst or some other tool?

As said, I have only those files and I have nothing done so far. What I 
need is a cookbook for installing those fonts.
I discovered the distribution tree and found in 

i_____    OfficinaSerif-Book                ITC 6069
i_____    OfficinaSerif-BookItalic          ITC 6070
i_____    OfficinaSerif-Bold                ITC 6071
i_____    OfficinaSerif-BoldItalic          ITC 6072
i_____    OfficinaSerif-Medium              ITC 6097
i_____    OfficinaSerif-MediumItalic        ITC 6098
i_____    OfficinaSerif-ExtraBold           ITC 6099
i_____    OfficinaSerif-ExtraBoldItalic     ITC 6100
i_____    OfficinaSerif-Black               ITC 6101
i_____    OfficinaSerif-BlackItalic         ITC 6102
i_____    OfficinaSans-BlackItalic          ITC 8089

These are my fonts, but there are no

\font\itcone = OfficinaSerif-Book at 11pt
\font\itctwo = OfficinaSerif-Book at 14pt

But the console states: can not load font: Metric (TFM) file not found
> What (re)encoding did you set in the pdftex fontmap file?
Nothing so far ...

Thanks for your help,


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