[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.13b released (sort of)

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Nov 29 16:12:29 EST 2001

I have q&d fixed two bugs in the current official TeXShop (Dick's 1.13, 
not the new front end by Jerome) just because one of them really bugged 
me. Dick Koch has agreed to let me release this separately on my own 
until he has time to work on TeXShop again.

The following two bugs are fixed:
1. Project root settings are now really relative. Before, you could 
enter them as a relative path, but they were stored as an absolute path 
which makes moving stuff around problematic.
2. Missing font creation from TeXShop will now work. For this, path 
settings have been changed in Preferences. You can now set two paths, 
both are added to the environment of every command that TeXShop runs.

A binary on a compressed image can be found as:


Due to the changes in Preferences, your current settings will be lost 
when you start the new version.

And sources as:


Note: I am not involved in TeX front ends at the moment. I just fixed 
these bugs in one of them.


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