[Mac OS X TeX] Mathematica released for Mac OS X

Johann Beda j-beda at pobox.com
Thu Nov 29 14:37:57 EST 2001

	From an online Mac news source:

"Wolfram Research has begun shipping Mathematica 4.1  for Mac OS X, a major
update to the $1,495 mathematical calculation application, with
enhancements including improved speed and stability."


November 26, 2001--Mathematica for Mac OS X is now shipping. This fully
native version of Mathematica for Mac OS X from Wolfram Research, Inc.
offers users significant speed gains and vastly improved stability compared
to running Mathematica on earlier Macintosh operating systems.

Mathematica users and industry insiders have eagerly anticipated the
release of this version, one of the first serious technical applications to
take full advantage of the extensive new features and technological
advances in Mac OS X. "Mathematica for Mac OS X behaves beautifully. It's
efficient, purposeful software...certainly one of the world's greatest
applications, running on the greatest platform available. The product
reminds one of a sleek Russian mink," says Richard Crandall, Apple
Distinguished Scientist.

"The Mach 3.0 kernel and Unix-like foundation of Mac OS X allow this
version of Mathematica to far surpass older Macintosh versions of
Mathematica in speed, scalability, and the ability to handle calculations
requiring open-ended amounts of memory. Mac OS X is the first true
workstation operating system deployed as a personal-computer operating
system," says Theodore Gray, cofounder of Wolfram Research and chief
architect of the Mathematica user interface.

"We have been running Mathematica for Mac OS X internally for three years
now and have worked closely with Apple to optimize its performance," adds
Gray. "Mathematica 4.1 running on Mac OS X has the makings of a remarkable
environment for scientific computing. It is a no-compromise combination of
speed, stability, capability, and ease."

Mathematica is the system that top professionals in industry, research, and
education turn to when they need to perform demanding calculations.
Mathematica 4.1, the current release, includes greatly enhanced symbolic
differential equation solvers and dramatic speed increases for statistical

Professionals are not the only ones who use Mathematica. Like the
Macintosh, Mathematica is popular in schools and on college campuses around
the world. Students in engineering, mathematics, and other technical fields
use Mathematica to expand their knowledge and to do their most serious
number crunching. With Mathematica running on Mac OS X, they will be able
to use the latest in Apple technology to make the most of their educational

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