[Mac OS X TeX] pdflatex and psfrag?

piet at cs.uu.nl piet at cs.uu.nl
Mon Nov 19 03:59:24 EST 2001

>>>>> Hemant Bhargava <hkb at mac.com> (HB) writes:

HB> Hi -
HB> A question for psfrag users ...

HB> Is pdflatex incompatible with psfrag?  I don't see the psfrag replacements
HB> in my output (pdf) file.

It is incompatible because it works with postscript code to replace the
fragments. And postscript code doesn't work with pdflatex.

One solution is to put your psfrag pictures in separate files, convert them
to eps with dvips and convert these to pdf and include the resulting pdf
There used to be an older version of psfrag that worked with a perl script
to do the replacement. Maybe this should be resurrected for use with pdflatex.
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