[Mac OS X TeX] GUI for teTeX settings, etc.; ideas from NeXT?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Fri Nov 16 14:22:28 EST 2001

Troy suggested:
>OK, How about a
>LaTeX package manager a la fink?

I think the last thing the world needs is yet another package system,
especially since Apple has its own native system (.pkg bundles for
Installer.app or whatever it's called these days). Moreover, there's no
reason that one couldn't build a fink (debian) package for a LaTeX style
file to add on to a finked tetex, is there?

I'd really like to see the NeXTstep legacy-native .pkg used more (anyone
tried www.osxgnu.org yet?), and think it's rather a shame that TeXShop,
et. al. doesn't come so wrapped up (do any of the TeX systems come so
packaged?), but then again, I've not volunteered (nor do I readily know
enough) to do it, nor have I fully investigated the complaints /
concerns raised regarding Apple switching from tar to pax (apparently
the latter will blow away a link?)


It was all so much simpler when all one had to do was double-click on
NeXTTeX.pkg, etc.


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