[Mac OS X TeX] Some graphics questions

Georges Vael gvael at innas.com
Fri Nov 30 02:27:25 EST 2001

On donderdag, november 29, 2001, at 08:34 , Charles Bouldin wrote:

> How are people on this list producing graphics that give a good preview 
> and are portable across platforms?

My figures mostly come from Matlab or Canvas. Both offer an save as 
EPS/EPSF option, which work fine. I convert the resulting eps files to 
pdf format and use them in pdf LaTeX.
I have chosen this route mostly because of the cross-platform 
portability of the resulting PDF files, both the reports and the 
underlying figures.

For the conversion from eps to pdf I started out with epstopdf, which is 
part of the TeXShop teTeX distribution. It worked perfect under OS-X 
10.0.4 but suffered from the Quartz bug (much discussed here) in OS-X 
10.1. Under 10.1.1 this route works again.
An alternative route is Acrobat Distiller, which offers the possibility 
to finetune the conversion to pdf to your needs and can run under 
Classic in the background. It can be set up to watch a folder and 
automatically convert any eps file that you save or drop into that 

Hope to have contributed,

Georges Vael
gvael at innas.com

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