[Mac OS X TeX] Re: teTeX mod for Mac fonts (was Re: [Mac OS X TeX]Font question)

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Nov 7 15:48:38 EST 2001

Troy Goodson asked:
>isn't more
>appropriate for teTeX to have built-in support for Mac OS X fonts?

Since teTeX runs on many platforms, but Mac OS X format fonts should
only appear on Mac OS X, to my mind, no.

Probably the best one could hope for would be a toolset and script which
would convert / duplicate all Mac OS X fonts into standard formats when
teTeX is installed on Mac OS X. Although this represents licensing
difficulties, if it happened on the machine the fonts were present on
and so long as the resultant font files weren't transferred elsewhere
this would probably be considered ``fair use''.

This still leaves Apple Chancery, Skia, Hoefler Text, etc. out in the
cold though.

The ideal would be for the development of an extended version of TeX
which supported Unicode input and used Mac OS X system calls so as to
make use of Mac fonts like TeX/GX does. (Richard, did I ever send you
the .pdf readme files for TeX/GX?)

BTW - TeX/GX runs in Basilisk which runs in VirtualPC which runs in Mac
OS X... well, ``run'' might not be the right word... it works---that's
how I was able to use Zapfino for my TUG presentation (and Wendy, I
still owe you the Sestina file typeset in Zapfino... I don't think it'd
come out any different than it would if typeset in TextEdit.app


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