[Mac OS X TeX] Some graphics questions

Charles Bouldin charles.bouldin at nist.gov
Thu Nov 29 14:34:18 EST 2001

I am using both TeXShop and Tom Kiffe's BBEdit<>teTeX plugins and it 
all works  well. I have a couple of questions about graphics, however.

Partly due to inertia, but mostly due to the need for compatibility 
with non-Mac collaborators, I prefer to stick with .ps and .eps based 
files and graphics whenever I can.

My preferred method for producing .eps files is to use the MacOS X 
printer driver and a selected postscript printer to make a .ps file 
and then use ps2epsi to convert that to a .eps file. (Note, to use 
the unix tool ps2epsi, you have to first convert the file to unix lf 
line terminators via BBEdit or other tool). This seems to work well 
and produce files that work on my Mac and on other machines such as 
SGI. Questions:

How are people on this list producing graphics that give a good 
preview and are portable across platforms?

At home I don't -have- a postscript printer, and I haven't been able 
to fool the printer driver into making postscript for me. Anyone know 
a trick to produce postscript output when you don't have a postscript 
printer hooked up?

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