[Mac OS X TeX] Some graphics questions

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Nov 29 16:03:04 EST 2001

charles.bouldin said:

> My preferred method for producing .eps files is to use the MacOS X
> printer driver and a selected postscript printer to make a .ps file
> and then use ps2epsi to convert that to a .eps file. (Note, to use
> the unix tool ps2epsi, you have to first convert the file to unix lf
> line terminators via BBEdit or other tool). This seems to work well
> and produce files that work on my Mac and on other machines such as
> SGI. Questions:

You should be able to skip the conversion step by using the AdobePS
printer driver in Classic to print to a PostScript job of type .eps

> How are people on this list producing graphics that give a good
> preview and are portable across platforms?

I usually make a .pdf and export from the full version of Adobe Acrobat
a .eps with a preview when I need a preview for other people.

At home, I skip the preview and rely on NeXTstep's Display PostScript :/

> At home I don't -have- a postscript printer, and I haven't been able
> to fool the printer driver into making postscript for me. Anyone know
> a trick to produce postscript output when you don't have a postscript
> printer hooked up?

Install AdobePS (for Classic apps---anyone know if Adobe is going to do
a driver for Mac OS X?). Alternately, preview in Preview.app to get a


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