[Mac OS X TeX] makefiles feature request (Re: TeXShop External Editors)

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Nov 14 16:09:12 EST 2001

<x-flowed>> currently, i use on most unix platforms makefiles to organize the 
> TeXing of documents. this provides a great flexibility since basically 
> everything that is possible in the shell can be used in a make target.
> basically, i use targets like
> make latex
> or
> make bibtex
> for the basic commands that are already available in the (left) pop-up 
> menu in TeXshop, but also more complex ones that accomplish tasks like 
> uploading the file to a website, updating a cvs repository or even 
> converting eps and pdf files as required for the current target.
> things like a master-document are also easily stored in such makefiles 
> as variables.

I have been talking with Richard about a more abstract command (and 
maybe edit) interface for TeXShop. On my request, quite a while back, 
Richard added the 'custom script' possibility to TeXShop as a fix for 
doing sort of what you want. But you would need to write a script that 
takes the argument and figures out what make command to give, so this 
might not be a solution.

Given Richard's and my schedule, it will take a while before major 
changes will take effect. I hope to be able to propose a few quick 
patches to Richard before the whole thing is changed.


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