[Mac OS X TeX] makefiles feature request (Re: TeXShop External Editors)

Martin Bauer martin.bauer at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Wed Nov 14 15:07:29 EST 2001

<x-flowed ISO-8859-1>Am Mittwoch den, 14. November 2001, um 18:42, schrieb Cyrill Rüttimann:

> For me it is a huge improvement, if there is a customizable menu in 
> TeXShop where I can pick code-fragments.
> Probably this menu is built up from a XML-File which you can edit 
> easily.

another related suggestion i would like to add:

(but first of all, also from my side to the TeXShop developers: thanks 
for writing this software :-))

currently, i use on most unix platforms makefiles to organize the TeXing 
of documents. this provides a great flexibility since basically 
everything that is possible in the shell can be used in a make target.

basically, i use targets like
make latex
make bibtex
for the basic commands that are already available in the (left) pop-up 
menu in TeXshop, but also more complex ones that accomplish tasks like 
uploading the file to a website, updating a cvs repository or even 
converting eps and pdf files as required for the current target.
things like a master-document are also easily stored in such makefiles 
as variables.

now: it would be really cool if TeXShop would recognize that there 
exists a Makefile in the folder of the current TeX file and uses the 
targets specified in that Makefile for the (left) popup-menu - all that 
needs to be done when the user presses the button is calling make with 
the appropriate target.
one could also have some kind of a default makefile that gets used if 
there is no specific makefile found..
this would eliminate all problems that occur when for some documents one 
needs to choose the latex-dvi-ps option and for others the pdftex.
and it would allow great flexibility for advanced users together with 
the current simplicity of TeXShop.

please beat me if you think this is a bad idea.. :)

additional suggestions for the two other pop-up menus:
- would be cool if the "markers" menu would recognize \section and 
\subsection and .. commands as markers to automatically jump to sections 
without the need to update markers (which is something i always forget)

- would be cool if the templates menu could support not only simple 
paste operations but also these "paste and put the current selection to 
'there' and after this set the cursor to 'there'" (like the customizable 
menu in textures does)
and, of course, if one could use keyboard shortcuts additionally; then i 
dont need textures anymore :)

cheers, martin.

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