[Mac OS X TeX] BBEdit plug-ins for teTeX

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Wed Nov 14 07:33:45 EST 2001

>I know that this is bound to seem annoying to the UNIX-savvy but 
>what does it mean to have teTeX
>>  run from the Terminal application and not just from TeXShop.
>And how does one configure teTeX so that this is so. Also, what are 
>the implications for then continuing to use Texshop---which is a 
>great program that I'd sorely miss.

There are no implications for TeXShop as I understand it.
Once you have teTeX you could go into the terminal
and write your TeX files with pico, vi, emacs or whatever and tex them
>from the command line by typing `latex file.tex' or something
similar.  I assume the BBEdit plug-ins just automate this so BBEdit
is the editor. You would like to see the output so there is a Reader
plug-in to launch the file in Acrobat Reader.  Having BBEdit launch
latex like this shouldn't interfere with TeXShop doing the same thing.

>Also one person wrote in saying that it would be great if TexShop 
>worked more closely with a proper editor. Surely it does. Just use 
>whatever editor you like, close the file, open it in TeXshop and 
>process. What more is being asked for?

I think people find opening and closing the file all the time a drag. And there
is some catch I have forgotten -- I think TeXShop uses a temporary file
to work on -- so that you do have to close the file before you can be sure
TeXShop is using the one you have just modified.  I assume what people
would like is to be able to tell TeXShop to send all the editing to BBEdit.
Not sure how you would get it to still have to LaTeX buttons etc.

>Adrian Heathcote
>p.s. Oh, and I feel compelled to add that anytime I've used BBedit 
>I've just regretted the absence of Alpha for OS X. Now there was an 
The guys on the Alpha development team say it is coming but there is no
predicted time.

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