[Mac OS X TeX] OpenType

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Wed Nov 7 09:02:18 EST 2001

Ross Moore wrote:
> > >
> > > type1_default=true
> > >
> > > in the texmf/dvips/config/updmap script and then run this script.
>                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>         This file is quite irrelevant to  pdfTeX !

But not to dvips.

> > >
> > > Actually I don't understand why this isn't the default in tetex.
> >
> > The funny thing is that my version of the file also defines type1_default to
> > be false, but if I run pdflatex at the command line I get a .pdf file that
> > (according to Acrobat Reader) contains only Type 1 fonts.
> It isn't the default in teTeX, since there's no need for it to be.
> When PDFs are required, it's usual to use   dvips -Ppdf ....

It is not usual if I want ps output or if I want to send the output to a
laser printer that understands ps natively but not pdf. And in addition
it does *not* stop metafont from running and creating pk fonts. Unless,
of course, you modify texmf/dvips/con......

> or something similar, to ensure that  .pfb  fonts are included.
> So it's only relevant to use of  dvips  not intended for PDF.

Yes. There are still a couple of situations where I need ps output, not


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