[Mac OS X TeX] ae fonts vs ze fonts (OT)

Paulo Abreu paulotex at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 03:18:07 EST 2001

Sorry, this is a bit off-topic, but I was just wondering if anyone can 
elaborate on this.

Recently, on another thread, some one answered:

>> It only means that the PDF does not contain scalable versions of
>> Computer Modern fonts. If you want to use Computer Modern font, put
>> the following three lines into the document preamble:
>> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
>> \usepackage{ae}
>> \usepackage{aecompl}

Two years ago, when I wanted T1 encoding with saclable fonts, I found the 
ae fonts and the ze fonts. Both used cm fonts with the T1 encoding, but had 
the following difference: when ae found a font with a glyph that didn't 
exist in cm, it left the font untouched; no substitution occurred; ze 
substitutes the glyph with one from the "standard" postscript fonts (Times,
  Helvetica, ...).

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages: in the ae method, more 
uniformity in the fonts, but once in a while a whole font might not be 
substituted and comes out as bitmap; with the ze method, some glyphs from 
other fonts might not fit perfectly and it hapened to me that changing a 
document from bitmap fonts to ze actually altered the pagination, because 
the new glyphs had different sizes.

This was 2 years ago, and I have been using ze fonts since then. Has the 
situation changed? Can ae now substitute a font even if some glyphs aren't 
there. What's the aecompl package for?



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