[Mac OS X TeX] teTeX bug? (pdfscreen overlays)

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 16:34:01 EST 2001

> This may be a bug in TeXShop's teTeX, it may not; but the only way I 
> know to find out is for someone else to verify the problem.
> I tried the following LaTeX code with pdfscreen but my background 
> ended up rotated and scrunched.  My result is at 
> <http://www.csun.edu/~kg46825/troy/myfirsttry.pdf>
> Please try pdfTeX-ing my code and see if you get my result.

Looks OK to me, at:

> The author of pdfscreen couldn't replicate my problem, see below and 
> <http://www.river-valley.com/download/test.pdf>, so I'm wondering if 
> it's something wrong in TeXShop's teTeX or just my setup.

Get my .log file:  http://www-texdev.mpce.mq.edu.au/GOODSON/ptest.log
and compare it with what you get...
> I'm using pdfscreen 1.5 and "This is pdfTeX, Version 
> 3.14159-14h-released-20010417 (Web2C" and TeXShop 1.13. I 
> haven't updated my teTeX in months, though...

 ... in particular, look for any relevant package declaring an older version
at your site.

The easiest way to advance from being a novice TeX user to being
an expert, is to examine the .log files of your jobs. Try to understand
all the messages that are written there, and use it as your main source
of information, whenever you don't get the results that you expected. 

> At 11:13 AM +0530 11/15/01, Radhakrishnan CV wrote:
> >I'm sorry, I could not replicate your problem. I have compiled your
> >code with your overlay pdf and the resultant pdf is available at:
> >
> >  http://www.river-valley.com/download/test.pdf

Yep; Radi and I get the same results.

Hope this helps,


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