[Mac OS X TeX] Font question

Serge COHEN cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Mon Nov 5 04:08:31 EST 2001

>Dear all,
>I have now found a receipe to install ps1 fonts to LaTeX. They are
>talking about *.pfb files. Am I right, that these files are simply the
>ps1 fonts in the fonts folder of MacOS? I downloaded a font from ITC and
>they include the .afm and the ps1 file, so I thought that this ps1 file
>is the .pfb file others are talking about. Do I get this file extension
>on UNIX and Windows?
>I am not sure, because I can vi those *.pfb in the teTeX distribution
>and the ps1 fonts out of my fonts folder of MacOS I can not edit with vi.
.pfb fonts are binary files containing the Type 1 PS fonts. You can also
have a .pfa file which contain the same information in ascii format.

If you have a font file for Mac OS classic, this contains the PS
description of the font, but it is not in the proper format for the printer
(at least as far as I know). In Classic env. the font files contains the PS
description in the ressources fork. If you want to generate the .pfa file
for this font you can use a program which can generate the PS (or EPS) file
which contain the font.

What I did was to use Illustrator 9. When you save as AI9 format, you can
ask that all used font are COMPLETLY inserted in the file (not only used
charaters). Then you use a text editor to get the font description from
this file:
Usualy this is the part from :
You have the name of the fonts somewhere in this segment.




You use this part for each font to create a .pfa file you will place
properly in the tree...

Hope that's clear.

Serge Cohen.

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