[Mac OS X TeX] TtH on OS X

Jorgen Haug jorgen.haug at nhh.no
Thu Nov 22 11:04:34 EST 2001

Question: What character encoding is it necessary to use in OS X 
browsers to have TtH HTML-files show up correctly wrt. the symbol font?

I have TtH up and running neatly in OS X, using Terminal. One problem 
I've noticed is with how web browsers interpret mathematical symbols. 
The manual for TtH says that Netscape will work fine if set to 
document-encoding MacRoman. I've done this, and also tried ALL  other 
encodings, in Netscape 6.2 for OS X. Still, most greek symbols turn 
roman, and e.g. sums and squareroots show up with strange symbols.

IE fares better - using Western (Latin-1), but this browser also has 
trouble with sums. Opera and OmniWeb do not handle it well either.

I haven't got Classic browsers on this system, and have therefore not 
checked if my troubles are specific to OS X.

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